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"Well, you bad young man! You haven't been to see me for much too long," said Lady Clementina.
Lord Arthur smiled. "My dear Lady Clem, I never have a minute alone."
"I suppose you're always withMiss Sibyl Merton, aren't you?"
"I haven't seen Sibyl for twenty-four hours, Lady Clem. Today, she's with the person who makes here clothes."
"So you've come to see a sick old woman like me? I'm notwell, you know Arthur. Doctors can't help me. They take my money, but I never feel better after they've gone. I often feel ill after meals, and sometimes my heart hurts."
"I've brought you somethingfor that," said Lord Arthur at once. "It's a kind of sweet It's new ... from America"
"I don't want it if it's American. I've just read an American book. I didn't like it much."
"But this will helpyou to feel better very soon." Lord Arthur took the little box from his pocket and gave it to her.
"Well, the box is very pretty! Is it really for me? That's very kind of you." She took the deadlything out of the box. "And will this make me feel better? It looks just like a sweet. I think i'll take it now."
"Oh NO, Lady Clem!" cried Lord Arthur, and stopped her hand just in time. "No don't takeit now. There's only one sweet in the box. Keep it for when your heart hurts worst. After your next big meal- that'll be the best time."
Lady Clem put the box with the sweet inside into her desk. "Idon't like doctors but I love sweets. You're right, Arthur. I'll keep it for my next big meal."
"Er...when will that be? Will it be soon?"
"Oh, yes. I 'm going to dinner with Lady Jedbergh nextweek. She has a very good French cook."
"You won't forget to take it, will you?" said Lord Arthur as he left.
"Of course I won't! And thank you, Arthur. You've been very kind. Sibyl Merton is goodfor you."

"Bueno, muchacho malo, tú no has venido a verme durante demasiado tiempo", dijo Lady Clementina.
Lord Arthur sonrió. "Mi querida lady Clem, nunca tengo un minuto a solas."
"Supongo que...
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