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This year more than 90 ships have been attacked off in the Cost of Somalia. Last November 15th of 2008 cargo ship was kidnapped by Somalis pirates near the Coast of Somalia. The merchant ship owns the Company Saudi, and today the corporation is negotiating the release of the ship, the crew, and the estimated of $110 million cargo of crude oil. Many companies and factories depend on the oil ofthis ship and if they cannot rescue it, the industries that depend of it, will be affected because the stuff that they need to produce will be insufficient to satisfy the demand of some products. The problem begins with the Somalia government that is not effective; it is full of corruption, poverty and lack of governability. It causes Somalis become pirates to survive; supported by some terroristgroups just to get more political and economic power.

Piracy in Somalia started about 10 to 15 years ago. The lack of governance in Somalia, led to the abusive exploitation of marine resources in Somalia by foreign ships. Local fishermen began to stop the foreign fishing, with the support of war weapons from local militaries. Confrontations between local fishermen and foreign shipsrevealed the vulnerability of foreign fishing. Somalis took advantage; they began to kidnap foreign fishing ships and negotiated a rescue for them. It began with illegal fishing when foreigners fishing ships took advantage about the difficult situation in Somalia. Later they got armed and they demanded the ships pay a tax. The Somalian government could not stop these illegal acts and neither controlsthem because of the politic crisis that began in 1991. According to the US Ambassador of United Nations, “the government of Somalia is not in a position to deal with this problem by itself” (Khalilzad, 2009). The Somalian government has not enough governability to stop the problem because they let illegal fishing increase and transformed to piracy. Now this problem is out Somalia government handsand today is affecting the international trade and peace world. The last December the Security Group of United Nations authorized a mission to maintain the peace with 8,000 soldiers. We can realize that Somalia has a difficult politic situation to provide and bring to their population a better nation. Most of the country has important feeding problems and poverty. According to a report of thenewspaper El Pais, more than 1,500 persons began to work on piracy to survive and get a better life (Lobo, 2009).

In September of 2008 a group of pirates attacked an Ukrainian ship and kidnapped it in one of the most dangerous trade routes named Gulf of Anden. The merchant ship transported war tanks, antiaircraft canyons and other heavy weapons. After four long months of negotiations, piratesreceived $3.2 millions in cash for the rescue. Some pirates that kidnapped the Ukrainian ship described the situation and form of life they live in Somalia. Juha Abdi Farah who lives in Garowe said that most of the pirates are between 20 to 35 years old; also, he said that piracy is sociably acceptable between the populations of the region because more than 50% of people have problems to feedtheir families (Farah, 2009). That is why they prefer to work illegal as pirates exposing their life but get money to have a better life because the government is not able to provide them opportunities to get a better life. The situation is that working in piracy they turn into a threat for the international peace kidnapping ships like the Ukrainian cargo.

The US and Europe are very worriedabout the piracy. First for the kidnapped of the international ships and the millionaire’s pays to the pirates; in second place because according to George Chaya who is an international political analyst, most of the pirates are part of terrorist Islamism groups. It means that a part of the money they got is for terrorist groups that have as a base the jihad. The motive of these Islamism groups...
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