Information about purchase sale of products

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Information about purchase sale of products
I what are the sales promotions?
They are tactical incentives industry gives to motivate the consumer, trader and retailer. In the purchase of theproduct carried out other activities of marketing of these products, or in the case of the introduction of new articles are given certain incentives.

As you can see there are 2 types of promotions:consumer and trade.

What is the contact between commercial organisations and retailers?
There are many factors in a marketing company: raw materials, processing of products, human resources, marketing,finance, etc.

1. What is what I want to achieve with a target promotion?
A single sentence that express us a goal which we have to measure, for example, "our goal will be increase thePantene brand consumption by 25% over the next 6 months".
That is what we are going to find with our promotion of Pantene.
2. What we going to achieve?
This is the tactical section. We express here aswe are going to achieve this objective.
To achieve this 25% that is mentioned in the target are going to carry out, for example: a) extensive efforts of samples aimed at consumers of the competingbrands, b) mass marketing at the point of sale, c) the presence of famous artists recommending the use of this product in selected shops.
3 Who?
This is the section of consumer objectives. We have todefine towards who want to address this promotion because while most market try to achieve in a promotion, we're going to come out more expensive. We need to know, within a promotion where they havethe greatest business potential, in the previous case, we can say this promotion will direct the efforts of sampling, marketing, and contact with artists to women under 35 years of class B, C, D, E,in 15 major cities of the country, there because we are limited to where we are going to lead the efforti.e. we are focusing.
4 Developing the ejecucional plan.
Also called plan of action. What...
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