Designing a pdp using a song

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Designing a PDP for reading

Text used: _____________________________

4) What will be the objective of Your PDP lesson? Remember this would be the last task forthe during stage!

3) Based on the ideas you came up with, select which areas you want cover in Your lesson plan (remember, “grade the task not the text;” and it would be overwhelming to try to covereverything !) you might also consider the linguistic ( and cultural) ideas you consider the most valuable or pertinent.

2) Brainstorming: think about some of the central themes of this reading andall the sub-points contained within this theme. You can make notes of this by writing out lists, or use a kind of graphic organizer that suits you, whichever you prefer.

1) You´ve alreadycompleted the first task of selecting a text to use! Let´s consider some of the reasons this choice may be interesting and appropriate to your learners. Take a moment to read over the text and consider thefollowing questions:

a) What are some linguistic (grammatical, lexical, FMU-wise, etc) notions you see in this reading?

b) What are some cultural ideas contained in this reading? Is thereanything that might be controversial or sensitive to the students, institution, or Ss’ cultural background?

c) What are some challenge areas that your Ss may have with this text? You may want torefer to the above two questions for this. (Remember the level you are considering for this LP.

8) Create a post task that will allow Ss to be creative and expand on the text, or personalized itusing other skills.

7) Create a pre task that will activate Ss´ schema about the topic and introduce them to unknown linguistic terms (getting them at list to beginning of remember stage in ECRIF)6) Create a gist task that will guide Ss during their first reading experience of the song, and come at the beginning of the DURING.

5) Design sequentially ordered tasks that will lead Ss to a...
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