Development, the environment and conflict

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Development, the Environment and Conflict

By: Olympio Barbanti, Jr.

Environmental problems in developed countries areeven more serious due to the lack of regulation in this regard. The governments of developing countries have had many problems due to launch effective laws for the regulation of renewable andnonrenewable, and the difficulty these governments is to create incorruptible and effective policies to prevent the waste of natural resources that are used by small and large companies, generally companiesinterested in participating in projects that help to preserve the environment and the use of green technologies.

Lack of knowledge of the situation makes it more difficult environmental policiesbecause of the different approaches that environmental policies should be such, depending on the features that demand in each country. Policies should be made in order to benefit the people and not justprivate companies. Mainly in developing countries environmental policy making is a gateway to economic development and process efficiency with reduced environmental resource exploitation used byfirms operating within each country.

In developing countries is much more difficult to solve the environmental problems due to due to the difficulty of these countries to develop structured policiesnot only in economic but in social and educational benefits and solutions to achieving the population within problems in the use of natural resources. Governments do not developing strong policiesbecause the large companies would have great difficulties to fulfill, and the country's economy would have serious difficulties in addressing this situation. In developed countries the policiesdeveloped are demanding and environmental projects are developed and implemented by their people who have been educated in attitudes of environmental protection.


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