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Is it posible or impossible? Respect for authority,
respect for my classmates ,respect for myself.

Good morning my name is. The question is Is it posible or impossible? Respect for authority, respect for my classmates , respect for myself . at first respect for authority , We show respect for authority inmany places in school , house , or Jobs ect … our authority are teachers , dad , mom chiefs ect sometimes you can´t when I´m in house my dad or mom ask you for something ,sometimes you dont do it and you start disobeying then you dad or mom starts yelling and there starts the ploblem obviously we get grounded , but our authority help us much it correct ourdefects like , don´t eat with the hands ! ,make your bed ! take a shower ! ect … All those little things helps us very much when we grow up .

Then second respectfor my classmates sometimes all of us have a classmate we hate ,
And we make her fell bad , we can hate one , two or more girls ,mostly we hate the conceited , Shoking , egoistsor disgusting girls ect…. . When I have ten years i hate a girl and all the times she do something like say to a friend ¨ ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you are so weird ¨¨or ¨ why you dothat I always have something to tell her bad then she get sad or angry it starts the fights in school all the times was the fights there hte only place i saw her sometimes we hatethe people because we need someone to hate obviosly with a silly or stupid reason ,All of you hate someone mostly all the people we hate comes from the school . , it start the fight youtells
something bad the other girl tell you other thing , all the things the person says it hurts
you and much and dont thing your words also hurts now you can think all the...
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