Dia De Muertos

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Day of the Dead |
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The Day of the Dead
The Day of the Dead is a Mexican celebration thathonors Hispanic origin the dead on November 2, starting from November 1, coinciding with the Catholic celebrations of All Souls Day and All Saints.
The origins of the celebration of the Day of the Dead inMexico predate the arrival of the Spanish. There are records of Mexican ethnic celebrations, Maya, Purepecha and Totonac. The rituals that celebrate the life of the ancestors in these civilizationsare made from at least three thousand years ago. In the pre-Hispanic era it was common practice to keep skulls as trophies and display them during the rituals to symbolize death and rebirth.
Day ofthe Dead in Zapotitlan, is the movement of the year when the faithful departed visit their family in this life, day that God allowed to return to this world, to be symbolically with those loved ones wholeft here.
for the villagers is a family meeting between live or dead, is a special coexistence, characterized mainly by splendid banquets offered to guests as expected, where every Club member ofthe family share with joy, love, hope, faith as longed visit. is a beautiful tradition that passes from older adults and young children, although it seems difficult to maintain in a rapidly changingsociety like the present, has been for many years in this community, with an emotion almost unchanged for many families

Offering according to the arrival of the souls
the altar as an offering ortable is also called colocarce starts from the 28th of October before noon, moment in reaching the dead who died by accident or violent, is said to advance that at death so did as it was not his timeplaced before noon marigold path to guide the dead to the altar, further purified with Saumerio environment, essential to cleanse the evil and ensure that visitors have a room full of spiritual purity...
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