Dialogo De 4 Personas

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Dialogo De Ingles De 4 Personas

Clobis: Hello Ghersi, how are you? I am glad to see you today, aren’t you? What are you doing?
* Greetings
* Tag questions
* Verbal tense(continuous present)
Ghersi: Hi dude, I’m fine, thanks, and you? Of course, I am glad to see you, too. I am on shopping, and, this is my friend Marco.
* Introduce people
Clobis: I am very well, nice tomeet you Marco. Excuse me, this is my friend Luis. Do you study together like us?
* Apologizing
* Verbal tense (simple present)
* Objective pronouns
Marco: Don’t worry! It’s nice to meet youLuis. No, we don’t study together. We are on shopping; do you like eating ice-creams? Why don’t you come with us?
* Gerund
* Elementos de una oracion (sujeto, verbo,)
Clobis: We would like togo with you, but we can’t because we must go to the school, which is the San José College.
* Auxiliary verbs
* Modal verbs
* Relative clauses
Ghersi: Ok, you have to go, but it is too soonyet, besides, you could go tomorrow, there is so much time to go to the school.
* Adverbio de cantidad
* Modal verbs
Luis: Ghersi, can you say that again? Are you saying that we should miss ourclasses today?
* Asking for information
* Reported speech
Marco: Yes, he said: “you could go tomorrow, there is so much time to go to the school” It’s a good advice, you are young, enjoyliving. Life is about shopping, games, girlfriends, money, liquor; you can do whatever with money, for example, Ghersi bought the Barcelona shirt, and the Adidas’s shoes were bought by him, too.
*Reported speech
* Active voice and passive voice
Clobis: How do you feel Marco? Do you feel sick? Life is about other things, of course, we must enjoy, but we must study and work, isn’t it Luis? Youcan’t miss your classes or your jobs! Prepare yourself!
* Tag questions
* Expressing orders, instructions and prohibitions
* Asking about health
Luis: Clobis is right! Would you like to be...
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