Dialogo para ingles (extenso)

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Hayley: Hi..!
Sarah: hello! How are you?
Hayley : fine thanks and you..?
Sarah : I'm not complaining and you?
Hayley : I’m very well thanks and what’s your name?
Sarah : my name isSarah and you?
Hayley: oh! Nice to meet you Sarah ,my name is Hayley
Sarah : nice to meet you too Hayley :D
Hayley : and.. where are you from?
Sarah: I’m from Mexico city and you?
Hayley: I’mfrom Mexico city too :D
Sarah: oh well and how old are you? You look young 
Hayley: ha! Thanks I’m 16 years old and you?
Sarah: I’m 18 years old
Hayley: What’s your favorite music?
Sarah: well Ionly hear Rock and Metal that is the best for me I really like that music
Hayley: That’s so great me too I like to much
Sarah: yes is the best, and you what’s your favorite music?
Hayley: I toldyou before ha-ha! Is Metal and classic rock alternative 
Sarah: oh! It’s awesome
Hayley: Yes and what’s your favorite band?
Sarah: my favorite band is PARAMORE I’m his biggest fan in the wholeworld  do you like paramore?
Hayley: yeah they are a great band I like too much
Sarah: yeah they are the best and what’s about you? What’s your favorite band Hayley?
Hayley: my favorite band isPanic! At the disco
Sarah: oh yeah! They are the second best band before PARAMORE 
Hayley: that’s not true well I really love the two bands so doesn’t matter
Sarah: yes and what’s your favoritecolor?
Hayley: my favorite color is orange and what’s your favorite color Sarah?
Sarah: black and white because I like the white and black stripes in the clothes  ha-ha!
Hayley: you are so funny andwhat’s your favorite food?
Sarah: I love the spaghetti and you? What’s your favorite food?
Hayley: I don’t really know but I’m vegetarian
Sarah: oh! That’s fantastic but I really love the meatyummy!
Hayley: ha-ha! Ok and what’s your favorite drink?
Sarah: amm.. My favorite drink is chocolate with milk cold and too much ice and what’s your favorite drink?
Hayley: wow that is so...
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