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Juan Pablo Alperin PKP Latin America

what is PKP
Public Knowledge Project aims to improve the scholarly and public quality of research directed by Dr. John Willinsky

where is PKP
at fourmajor universities

Simon Fraser University University of British Columbia Stanford University Arizona State University
but also in other parts of Canada and the world e.g. I am in Buenos Aires who is PKP
small team (about 10 people)
researchers, librarians, software developers

in practice much bigger
thanks to partnerships and community


what does PKP dodevelop software


… but also research

intended to foster Open Access PKP software is Open Source (GPL v.2) built using Open Source tools development resources are open why do this from a library
libraries increasingly face technical challenges
digitization & archiving metadata exchange library standards legacy (mainframes etc.)

...so the expertise isrequired anyway open source is philosophically compatible

how is PKP sustained
leveraging existing human and technical resources direct funding from journals (e.g. CJC) various grants and associatedprojects funding from host universities cost-recovery mechanisms such as

Open Source
source code GNU Public License
anybody can download and modify the complete source code PKP acceptsmodifications for possible inclusion

documentation Creative Commons
anyone can use the documentation for derived works

Open Source technologies
simple but comprehensive toolkit CVS code respositorybugzilla bug tracking PHPBB support forum drupal webpage listserv mailing list doxygen documentation mediaWiki roadmaps, minutes, documentation

development resources are open
code repository ispublicly visible
including full revision history

bugzilla is publicly visible
including the ability to register

support forum is open and wellresourced
direct links between forum/code/bugs
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