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On Friday, March 13 my school C. E. Prof. Gregorio De Gante make trips to a state of Mexico.
We went to visit the place inhabited Teotihuacan culture, we visited Teotihuacan, the truth was a niceexperience because realemete rioja andalusia see that our ancestors made at that time is amazing.
The visit was guided us the outlines what was happening at that time.
First we explain Teotihuacanmeans that instead of the gods where men become gods die, all 25 km2 Teotihuacan half, had a road or street was like the main street, his name was on the road dead


They also told us that theTeotihuacan culture not known to the Aztecs or aztexa to tehotuhuacanos.
The parish said that his main concern was dioz god Quetzalcoatl was his most beloved.

His pyramid is the largestpyramid of the sun, which has 65 mtros tall, and 242 steps, but actually had 365 steps to represent the days of the year.
Its second largest is the pyramid of the moon than half of 45 meters height 111steps.

Andalusia pulque as a sacred drink, and only the senior ranks I could drink.
In the central square was where the temple and performed religious ceremonies to welcome the emergence ofa noise like a bird.
In this temple was where the sacrifices made.
They also had a temple to Quetzalcoatl that had 365 head representing the days of the year.
The Egyptian pyramids are not thegreatest in the first Pyramid of Cholula, the second in Egypt, and the third pyramid of the sun.
Teotihuacan was the center of Mesoamerica, where the splendor of the culture was in the year 300 AD theirreligion was based on polytheistic religion, they also had a theocratic government (government by priests) the Teotihuacan Teotihuacan left in the year
700 D.C.
On March 21 too many tourists tovisit Teotihuacan that celebrates equinopcio


Well I found the trip fun and the best was that we learned more about the Teotihuacan culture, at the end of our visit we went to Ripley muce...
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