Dorian Gray Resumen

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Dorian Gray
After Dorian realizes the secret of the picture, he immediately orders to hide it on the attic of this house, with the purpose that nobody will ever see it; after hiding it, Basil getsto Dorian’s house, and talks with him about Sibyl Vane’s death, but Dorian is not as affected as Basil thought, but Basil’s visit main purpose is to take the picture that he made of Dorian to anexposition in Paris, but Dorian refuses to give him the picture and even threats him by ending their friendship, if he takes the portrait. Basil accepts not taking it, and at the end of the conversation,Basil confesses the “obsession” that he had with Dorian and why his friendship was so important for him. After Basil’s visit, Dorian start reading a book that Lord Henry gave him, this book have a verybig influence in Dorian, and it makes him change his mind about life, so he starts a new life living new experiences and sensations without caring about people, he starts committing sins andforgetting the term of moral. Years pass and Dorian keeps being as young as he was the day he asked to remain young, people talked about him, and his beauty, they called him “Prince Charming”, being a socialfigure that influences especially young people.
One day Basil talks with Dorian about why most of the boys that he had influenced had ended with their lives, Dorian got angry with Basil, and heshows him how the picture has captured the sickness of his soul, Basil is amazed, but still trust Dorian and tries to give a logical explanation, so Dorian, in a rage of hate assassinates him. The nextday, Dorian calls Alan Campbell to get rid of Basil’s body, Alan refuses, so Dorian threatens him and against his wishes Alan uses nitric acid to dispose of the body.
Dorian attend to a meeting withLady Narborough, where he sees Lord Henry, and talks with him, the last one notes Dorian’s deteriorate; Dorian leaves in a car in direction to the pier, where he wipes his sorrows with alcohol;...
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