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(Also Titled: How I Made Over $1,000,000 Playing Poker)

Doyle "Texas Dolly " Brunson in collaboration with Bobby Baldwin Mike Caro Joey Hawthorne David Reese David Sklansky Special Writing and Coordination By Allen Goldberg

This Cardoza edition is printed by special arrangement with B & G Publishing Co., Inc in affiliation with MikeCaro University of Poker Press.


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THIRD EDITION Fourth Printing Copyright ©1978 by B&G Publishing Co., Inc under original title: How I Made Over $1,000,000 Playing Poker.Copyright©1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 2002 by B&G Publishing All Rights Reserved Library of Congress Catalog No: 2002104552 ISBN: 1-58042-081-8

This Cardoza edition is printed by special arrangement with B&G Publishing Co., Inc. in affiliation with Mike Caro University of Poker Press. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form without written permission from the publisher(except by a writer or reviewer who wishes to quote brief passages for inclusion in a magazine, newspaper or radio or television broadcast).

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This book is dedicated to Louise, Doyla, Lam and Jodd and a special dedication to the Binion Family for their contribution to Loker


Many people helped me in creating this book. I want to show my appreciation for their efforts by acknowledging them in alphabetical order:

Bobby Baldwin Mike Caro Craig Creel Richard Englesteen Eve Firestone Allan GoldbergJoey Hawthorne John Hill A. D. Hopkins Marie Kimbrell John Luckman Steve Margulies Bruce McClenachan Steve McClenachan Ken Miller David Nicol David Reese "Amarillo Slim" Preston Victor Resnick Edwin Silberstang David Sklansky Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder Frances Strauss Carol Shabaz Thompson Dean Zes

and Stan Hunt….for his caricatures. D. B.


Foreword by Jimmy "The Greek"Snyder Preface by "Amarillo Slim" Preston Introduction My Story in Brief General Poker Strategy Super/System's Power Course in Draw Poker "Crazy Mike" Caro Super/System's Power Poker Course In Seven-Card Stud David "Chip" Reese Super/System's Power Poker Course In Lowball Joey "Howard Hughes" Hawthorne Ace-to-Five Deuce-to-Seven Seven-Card Low (Razz) Super/System's Power Poker Course In High-LowSplit (Cards Speak) David "Einstein" Sklansky High-Low Declare Super/System's Twin Courses In Hold'em Super/System's Power Poker Course In Limit Hold'em Bobby "The Owl" Baldwin Super/System's Power Poker Course In No-Limit Hold'em Hold'em Supplement Glossary Statistics (Appendix)

6 8 9 10 17 37 39 69 71 87 89 92 110 117 122 124 149 153 163 165 192 226 230 254


FOREWORD bу JIMMY "TheGreek" SNYDER You're an odds-on favorite to be a real big winner at Poker with "Doy-lee's" book. (They call him "Dolly" now, but I was the first one to call him something other than Doyle many years back. I still call him Doy-lee.) I was flattered when he asked me to look at the manuscript of his book and write this Foreword if I really thought he had something. He has — a very special something....
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