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DVD Studio Pro 4
User Manual

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Welcome to DVD Studio Pro About DVD Studio Pro About DVD Studio Pro Documentation Additional Resources Overview of Using DVD Studio Pro Moving from iDVD to DVD Studio Pro About Standard and High Definition DVDs About DVD Studio Pro and HD Resolution DVDs HD Video Assets Brief Overview of the DVD Creation Process WhatMakes a DVD Authoring System? Hard Disk Storage SCSI Devices DVD Burners DLT Drives External Video and Audio Monitoring Audio and Video Assets Planning Your Project Investigating Existing DVDs Determining Your Target Audience and Playback Device Deciding Which DVD Standard to Use Deciding Which Video Standard to Use Deciding What Content to Include Creating a Storyboard Designing the Menus andButtons Making Sure Your Content Will Fit General DVD Limitations How Do You Do That? Creating a Simple DVD Creating a Play One or Play All Project Grabbing a Still Image from Your Movie

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51 Adding Easter Eggs to Your Menus Chapter 4 53 53 54 55 56 60 61 68 74 76 80 81 82 87 87 88 88 91 91 92 95 95 96 96 97 101 106 106 107 108 112 113 113 114 114 114Preparing Video Assets Introduction to Preparing Video Sources NTSC or PAL? Using 24 fps Video Choosing an Aspect Ratio About MPEG Video Encoding Video Materials for DVD Using the Integrated MPEG Encoder Encoding Video for Multi-Angle Tracks Adding Markers to Your Video About H.264 Video About HDV Video DVD Video Source Settings Summary Preparing Audio Assets Introduction to Preparing Audio Sources...
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