Econmy system

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Economy System

Brazil has a mix of two types of economic system, like Command System and Free Market System, and we can differentiate it because the command system is when the governmentinterfiled in the economics, interfiled about the price and the market, for example: nowadays the reason for which Brazil has acquired a strong position in global economy is because President Cardoso andPresident Lula da Silva have strengthened the economic politics, but the economy not always was raised, there was many decadence since Brazil owed a lot of money, but this debt could be controlled in2006 thanks to the president that he achieve to control the taxes and the policies of payment.
In spite of the crisis, Brazil has a great interior support, due to the fact that the government thisone supporting directly the economy of the country, as said the president Lula in a program of radio “We enter last the crisis and are going to work out first” (Clarin Newspaper)
On the other hand,Brazil has a moderate free market because his principal economic sources are the exports. His more big buyers are United States, China, European Union, and Mercosur.
In the time of the colony,Brazil was the producing principal of sugar, but later it started harvesting coffee, which was what did that Brazil was starting having importance in the principal powers of the world.
But Brazilnot only has good agriculture, also has good production in the sector of ranching it possesses the best cattle bovine around the world; in the sector of ranching possesses the best cattle bovine; in theminer it has great production of precious stones. Others of the Brazil's most important sectors it is the industry, since he is a principal producer of raw materials, like military equipments,televisions, cellular, computers, cars and planes.
Conclusion Julieta: I think that Brazil is a country that has already know the importance that is to work joined as society, also I admire that in...
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