Ejercicios para parálisis facial

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Ejercicios parálisis facial.

-Sniffle. Wrinkle nose. Flare nostrils.

-Curl upper lip up and raise and protrude upper lip.

-Compress lips together. Pucker lips & attempt to whistle.-Smile without showing teeth; then smile showing teeth.

-Try moving your lips into a small smile slowly. Then gently pucker slowly using equal strength from both sides.

-Draw angle of mouth upward soas to deepen furrow from side of nose to side of mouth.

-Harden (wrinkle) the chin; "stick out" the chin (like a boxer).

-Using your index finger and thumb pull the corners of your lips intoward the center. Slowly and smoothly push out and up into a smile. Continue the movement up to the cheekbone. Use a firm pressure.

-Placing 4 fingertips on the eyebrow rub using a firm stroke up tothe hairline. Return downward to the eyebrow. Do the same type of massage in a circular motion on your cheeks and chin, and outward to your ear.

-Try to close the eye slowly and gently, withoutletting your mouth pull up or your eyebrow move downward.

-Raise eyebrows and hold for 10 -15 seconds (watch out for synkinesis - hold the brow at a point before the corner of your mouth starts to moveor your cheek tries to help). Wrinkle forehead.

-Frown and draw eyebrows downward.

-Gently wink with one eye and then the other to the best of your ability. Don't push it.

-Open eyes widely,but without involving your eyebrow. Stop if you see any inappropriate muscle actions.

-Do not chew gum - it exercises the wrong muscles, and may promote synkinesis.

-Do try to chew food usingboth sides of your mouth (at least when you're eating alone). This will help maintain normal patterns when movement returns.

-Smile (again, start small!). Watch your eye area, particularly the lowerlid. Find the point that it starts to move. Then concentrate on the smile in your mind first, let your mouth follow the thought, and hold at the point where the eyelid is not yet involved. Also...
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