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From Monday to Friday Victor [wake] up at seven o’ clock. He stays in bed until a quarter past seven, and then he (get up). Then he has a shower. After that he gets dressed and [go] downstairs to have breakfast.

At exactly eight o’clock he [leave] his house and drives to work. Before[arrive] to the office he stops to buy his daily newspaper. He turns on his computer at eight-forty-five and works “non-stop” until ten-thirty.

At ten-thirty, he usually has a coffee until ten forty-five. Unfortunately, today is Friday, the busiest day of the week. Victor is [have] his coffee at his desk. Normally, he (finish] atthree o’ clock on Fridays; however, Victor thinks he is not [leave] the office until five or six o’clock today. To cheer himself up, Victor starts thinking about the weekend.

Tomorrow is Saturday and Victor has some plans, he is [get] up very late, about ten o’clock. He is having a late breakfast with his girlfriend in a café. Then they are [visit]the art gallery. Carol Ashe, the famous artist, is exhibiting her latest sculpture.

After [visit] the art gallery, they are having lunch in a new restaurant in the centre of town. After lunch, they are going for a walk and then in the evening they are [go] to the cinema.

On Sunday, they normally stay in bed reading the newspapers, but this Sunday they are goingfor a walk in the mountains with some friends. It's three hours to reach the top and two and a half hours to come down. They are have] a picnic at the top of the mountain and Victor is [look] forward to enjoying the view, the peace and, of course, not being in the office.

Suddenly, the telephone rings and Victor is once again back in reality. His boss says“Victor you are working until five or six o’clock today.” Victor [look] at the clock and it is still only eleven o'clock.
Simple Past / Past Continuous
Last night, while I was doing my homework, Angela (call) .. She said she (call) .me on her cell phone from her biology classroom at UCLA. I asked her if she (wait) .for class, but she said that the professorwas at the front of the hall lecturing while she (talk) .to me. I couldn't believe she (make)
a phone call during the lecture. I asked what was going on.
She said her biology professor was so boring that several of the students (sleep, actually) in class.
Some of the students (talk) about their plans for theweekend and the student next to her (draw) a picture of a horse. When Angela (tell) me she was not satisfied with the class, I (mention) that my biology professor was quite good and (suggest) that she switch to my class.

While we were talking, I (hear) her professor yell, "Miss, are you making a phone call?" Suddenly, the line wentdead. I (hang) up the phone and went to the kitchen to make dinner. As I (cut) vegetables for a salad, the phone rang once again. It (be) Angela, but this time she wasn't sitting in class.

Simple Past / Present Perfect
1. A: Did you like the movie "Star Wars?"
B: I don't know. I (see, never) hat movie.

2. Sam (arrive)in San Diego a week ago.

3. My best friend and I (know) each other for over fifteen years. We still get together once a week.

4. Stinson is a fantastic writer. He (write) ten very creative short stories in the last year. One day, he'll be as famous as Hemingway.

5. I (have, not) this much fun since I (be) ¡Error! Objeto incrustado...
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