El Asesinato De Jfk

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The Kennedy assassination was the result of a conspiracy in which powerful economic interests were involved, especially those related to arms trafficking and mafia. These interests were to be strongly affected because Kennedy was going to end the Vietnam War. But this is not a secret because it is common knowledge. Of course Oswald was not the murderer.
On November 22, 1963 at 12:30 minutesexactly the 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. Kennedy had flown to Dallas as a support of his election to the presidential elections of 1964 and the idea of ​​a convertible limousine ride through a hostile town as Dallas; in a country where anyone can buy a gun does not seem the best idea to protect a president. But it did.(Zirbel)
However Dallas in 1963 was a Republican stronghold with a large influence of right-wing sectors (came together in the city extremist associations such as the John Birch Society, or the Minutemen and other pressure groups). In the days before the visit had been scattered around the city more than 5000 posters with the photo of Kennedy (front and side, as the fugitives) with theinscription: "wanted for betrayal." To the far right Kennedy was selling the country to the Communists and blacks. The day of the attack, without going any further, these groups, which had warmed the atmosphere, they bought a whole sheet of newspaper advertising in the right of the city, the Dallas News, which was highly critical of Kennedy. Such was the climate of tension that the Police Chief of thecity, Jesse Curry, appeared on television the morning of Nov. 22 to appeal to civility. (Zirbel & Anders)
Returning to the day of the attack, the committee should not pass under the deposit books from which Oswald allegedly fired Kennedy, but should continue along Main Street to the Pontchartrain Bridge. The route of the procession, however, was amended the night before of the assassination and itis not clear who had the greatest responsibility in this, if the Secret Service or Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell, who was the brother of former deputy director of CIA James Cabell, dismissed by Kennedy after the failed of Bahia Cochinos. (Summers)
To all this must add an important factor. According to the Warren Commission, Oswald, a communist, a former defector to the USSR, was the only murderer,firing three shots at the president from the 6th floor of Book Depository. But if so, how can it be that the CIA, FBI, SS, and the Dallas Police allowed the procession to pass at 12 km / h without protection under the window of the biggest "communist" in Dallas? How can the FBI to admit to the Warren Commission that Oswald had been under surveillance before and during the presidential trip?. WhyJesse Curry, chief of police in Dallas, appears on television a few hours after the attack saying he is aware that the FBI had Oswald controlled and minutes after publicly retracts?. In the Cold War, could be counted on the fingers of one hand the American deserters who emigrated to the USSR and then returned to the U.S.. Fewer still after allegedly led a pro-Castro political activities in NewOrleans. And it is understood much less than the entire U.S. intelligence community did not watch Oswald. (Zirbel)
To get more in deep the doctor who attended the President at Parkland Memorial Hospital noted a small wound in John Kennedy’s throat and a massive wound as an entrance wound. This wound, caused by a bullet entering from the throat would have been strong evidence that Oswald did not actalone because it would have been impossible for Oswald to fire from that direction. (Zirbel)
It is easy to deduce that John Kennedy was killed because the powerful sectors of the economic apparatus, military and U.S. politicians, who is the same thing, so decided and tolerated. The reason: errors and low aggressiveness of JFK in Cuba and his willingness to withdraw troops from Vietnam (decree...
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