El Cafe Para Las Mujeres De Vietnam

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In the trend of open economy, the exchange of trade between countries is easier, and this has made ​​the market more competitive, more intense. For Vietnam, when the economy begins to deeper integration, it is a great opportunity as well as challenges for businesses with the opportunity to build and develop the domestic market. These years, Trung Nguyen one of the coffee brand took advantage ofthis great opportunity, rapid development, covering the domestic market, expanding branches in many countries around the world, contributed to assert Vietnamese brand in the international arena. In the process of development, Trung Nguyen always seizes the opportunity, creatively applies the rules in business marketing. And that's what Passiona has shown in the past three years. The success ofPassiona is a lively, useful lesson and an good example for the development of the brand.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
I am Le Thanh Tung, the representative of Trung Nguyen coffee company, the most famous coffee brand of Vietnam. Today, we officially introduce the coffee dissolved Passiona, a product specialized for women, to the international market. Before talking about Passiona, I would like to giveyou some important information about our company so that you can know more about us.
Launched in mid-1999, Trung Nguyen was a young brand of coffee in Vietnam, but had quickly built up a reputation and became the most familiar brand of coffee for consumers both at home and abroad.
Within 13 years, from a small coffee company located between the capital of Buon Ma Thuot, Trung Nguyen has emergedinto a powerful group with six members: Trung Nguyen Corporation, Trung Nguyen coffee joint stock company, Trung Nguyen Coffee limited company, G7 shares trade company and services, South Vietnamese retail media company and joint venture Global Gateway (VGG) with branches specialized in: production, processing and trading of tea, coffee franchise and distribution of services, and modern retail.In the future, Trung Nguyen Group will grow to 10 member companies, dealing in many diverse industries..

Our vision and mission are:
Vision: To become a corporation that promotes the rise of the Vietnamese economy, maintaining the national economic autonomy.
Mission: To create a top brand by giving the clients the best quality of our coffee products.
Now, let's talk about the coffee productthat we want to introduce you today- "Passiona". It is the first and only product specialized for women in Viet Nam, created and studied by Trung Nguyen in 9 years. It's very easy to identify and distinguish between Passiona with other products on the market, since this is the first time that appeares a type of coffee dedicated to women in our country.

The elements that make up the product:
Thename: "Passiona" comes from English - Passion. It is also abbreviated: PSA (Passion - Success - Ambition).
Packaging: pale yellow tone (a color blends of coffee and milk which is properly to the name of the coffee for women) - soft, sweet that create an attraction, and mysterious.
Coffee Passiona is packaged in stick ( 16g / pack and 14 packs / box), which is widely distributed in all channelsof supermarkets, shops nationwide.
The price: very competitive, around 2-3USD per box.
Ingredients: caffeine, sugar diet, callogen, vitamin PP, and rare herbs.
Core interests: bringing mental clarity, healthy and beautiful skin.

As Passiona is a product of long-term studies, so it has its own outstanding differences:

The use of an appropriate caffeine content, sugar diet, addingnutrients collagen, vitamin PP and rare Oriental herbs that are good for health and skin, do not worry about acne and fat.
Not only requires modern technology, Passiona also requires a specific know-how and coffee expert's knowledge to have an absolute accuracy rate of content, temperature, time of mixing ... to ensure the coffee's flavor.
The low-caffeine Passiona is NOT "decaffeinated". That means...
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