El esclavo

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• Learn verbs in present, past and past participle form.

• Read, in the student book, the text in page 43.
• Complete the verbs in the right form.
•Complete the sentences in past participle.

I am agree what the parents do, because, like they said, the sons did not do anything, they do not go to the school, they do not are looking for job,and they always are arguing and their sons always insulting them, so I think that the parents did right, because they are "mature", and they do not do anything for their life’s. The parents are tiredbecause the treating that their sons give to them; but, in my case, first, I should talk with my sons, all the problems that I have because of them, if they do not understand, I should talk with apsychologist, but if they do not understand, again, I should go with the court, but it will the last option.

|Present |Past |Present participle|Past Participle |
|walk |walked  |walking |walked  |
| jump|jumped | jumping |Jumped |
|talk |talk  | talking|Talked |
| read |read |reading |read  |
|clean|cleaned | cleaning | cleaned |
|study | studied |studying |studied |
|work |worked  | working |worked |
|sleep | slept...
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