El golpe

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Julius Caesar the play written by Shakespeare is based on political issues. The play itself contains corruption, manipulation, treason and others. The play also shares many factors tothe actual Honduras political crisis. First and foremost the play and the political crisis in Honduras both involve expulsion from power. Second of all violence is a present factor on both the playand the Honduran political crisis. Lastly, both situations show there is manipulation involved in the decisions people make. Basically, Julius Caesar and the political crisis present in Honduras arealike in several ways.
First and foremost, both situations involve expulsion from power. In the case of Julius Caesar we see this when the conspiracy kills Caesar. The victim in the play is JuliusCaesar; however on the political crisis we can relate Caesar to Roberto Micheletti. The reason this relation occurs is because we can guess Caesar wanted the common good in Rome, meanwhile Micheletticame into power to calm the tension found in the streets and in every part of Honduras due to the corrupt act Manuel Zelaya wanted the citizens to engage in his favor. In the political crisis it is seenby the destitution of the evolving tyrant, Manuel Zelaya. Brutus and the rest of the conspirators can be related to the resistance in Honduras. This can be said because the conspiracy acted as thedestructors of peace since they killed Caesar and all his followers will protest against them. The same thing happens with the resistance, they go out in the streets creating disturbances which alterthe peace amongst fellow Hondurans.
Second of all, we can see violence as a strong act in both situations. During Julius Caesar it is seen by the conspiracy stabbing Caesar from behind. This can beseen as an act of betrayal and violence. Betrayal in the Honduran crisis can be seen by Manuel Zelaya engaging in corrupt actions that later on would lead Honduras into a tragic downfall. On the...
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