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Friday 14 of January 2011

My vacation

In my holiday I spend with my brothers super Eusebio and Rolando uswere just having fun and sometimes fighting, sometimes eeeee ........ Do not go to believe that we are pelioneros and some other pranksjokes between us including my cousin Yadira, who went on vacation with us along with my uncle Antonio in order to elaborate the four videos ofus dancing facetiously.
December 24 Christmas Eve play bone channel programming note seven to be more specific and some movies we sawsmackdown.
The next day we're going to see Santa Claus had left my brother Rolando beautiful little boy that I love you brought her dollsSmackdow Raw and his rign Ben10 Scooter and how lucky he was well on my not so but I'm not complaining hehe ...... anyway super I spendwith my family that I love them all i ami mam, dad my brothers, cousins, uncles and uf, 31 December also pass me the super bouncing year oldnot to cry but cry of happiness that turn good times and bad in 2010 that it will not return ever so sad.
On January 1, 2011 Villitatraveled to a cactus on each knee is not true ..... or?? .......
On January 8 we celebrate the birthday of my godmother Amalia and on 9January we visited with my aunt Lilia to know their babies Ariana Itzel for his birthday and we ate tamales and we had a super and that's it.
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