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The Truth of Immigration
Illegal immigration has always been a problem for The United States. With over 21 million immigrants in The United States we spend close to 392 billion dollars of taxpayer’s money. With numbers like those increasing day by day we must put a stop to it. Immigrants are a significant part of our economy. Lets not lie; we love immigrants, as long as they’re legal.
Sureimmigrants help secure that the lower paid job are filled, but at what cost? Because the dollar price is much higher compared to the third world countries that immigrants come from, they will work forextremely low ages. The majority of Illegal aliens enter the United States in hope of finding a job to provide to their families back home. They send about $15 billion back to Mexico to help theirfamilie. A family in Mexico can easily survive with $100 a week and since the exchange rate of the dollar is in favor of the immigrants, getting paid $6 an hour for a job that is usually paid $15 anhour is not an issue for them, but this domino effect is at the expenses of working-class Americans.
Illegal aliens don’t pay taxes to Uncle Sam, they are living the dream! They’re getting freeeducation for their kids, free medical care, and many other welfare benefits from our money. Immigrants end up costing the American people billions of dollars. It just isn’t fair that we are workinghard; paying taxes for a better future and immigrants are coming along and crushing that dream by spending our money.
National security is another problem that illegal immigrants bring to the UntiedStates. Most immigrants have false identifications that will give them access to many things, from getting loans to buy a house to having credit cards. And that’s when they become an issue, when theysteal American identities to be able to qualify for those needs.
Legal immigrants bring all the positive effects that we need for this country. They will still work low class jobs because most...
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