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Web Page Evaluation Checklist
Web Page Evaluation Checklist

1. Go to Google and search a controversial topic, such as:
prions danger ornuclear armageddon or "stem cells" abortion
2. Use this Checklist to evaluate some of the search results.

| Title and URL of page you areevaluating: www.fao.org/docrep/009/j7354s/j7354s05.htm |
Personal page or site? site | ~ or %, or users, members, or people |What type of domain is it? Appropriate for the content? si | com org/net edu gov/mil/us non-US________ other: |Published by entity that makes sense? Does it match the name of the site? Si concuerda | Publisher or Domain Name entity:Departamento de montes |Who wrote the page? | E-mail Name: |
Credentials on this subject? (Truncate back the URL if no useful links.) No hay otroslinks | Evidence? |
Dated?Mayo del 2002 | Date ____________ Current enough for your purpose? |Sources documented with links or notes? Can you verify that quoted text was not altered or forged? No se observa | |
Links to more resources?Do they work?No trae | |
Evidence of bias? no | |
Search URL in alexa.com, click on “Site info for …”la inf. es muy Buena y casi siempre la buscan hombres de mas de 60 años | Who owns the domain? faoWho links to the site? Google.com |
Is the page rated well in a...
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