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Introduction & Project

This company was established in 2010, this company started originally with the project of producing a new instantaneous coffee blend, called SantaRukana Cafe, eventually It managed to be a success in the Ecuadorian market, and now Santa Rukana Café is expanding itself in the country; the project has acquired a loan in order to buy properties,machinery and equipment to produce the perfect coffee blend in Ecuador. The interesting part of the project is that it uses Ecuadorian-soil coffee and Ecuadorian based flavors, such as nuts, caramel,vanilla, chocolate and buttery for a start.


Our mission is to provide the consumer the best coffee in aroma, taste and quality, let the consumer enjoy a moment of pleasure by drinkingSanta Rukana Café.


Our vision is to provide Latin America with a recognized, quality-of-taste blend of Ecuadorian Coffee.

Company Actual Analysis:

Main Activities:

- Coffeeproduction (the company owns acres of coffee plantation)

- Processing

- Sales negotiation

The Functional areas and Business processes:

Functional Areas:

- MarketingDepartment

- Sales Departing

- Coffee Production Control Department

- Human Resources

- Finance and Logistics Department

Business Processes:

- Negotiation Rounds- Market Study

- Bank Partnership

Redefine the company value chain using E-business:

Primary Activities:

- Acre management (coffee plantation),

- Coffee grain selection(quality management)

- Coffee processing (toast & blend)

- Distribution

Support Activities:

- Acre supervision

- Personal Training

- Flavor Acquisition

-Bulk Acquirement

- Supplier’s Negotiation (price & quantity)


6th A


E – Commerce



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