English Speech About Honesty

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Dishonest is the way to avoid the reality, we need to encourage it and face it.
Be honest seems to be easy but being truly honest with the others and with yourself can be harder than whatyou expected. As Fyodor Dostoevsky said: “Nothing in this world is harder than speaking the truth, nothing easier than flattery”, but honesty is not just to tell the truth, it is straightforwardconduct, being sincere, honorable, fair, and loyal.
Virginia Woolf said that if you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people. If we want to improve honesty in the world weneed to begin with ourselves. If we are not honest in the school you would not learn and you are the only one who is affected because we cheat in an exam or we lie about works that we did not do andmany things else. This is a situation that we live today. The people have technology that helps them to cheat on their studies.
Imagine a world with honesty or if everyone in Mexico is sincere intheir role as a worker, president, student, parent, etc. We would not have problems with thieves or murderers. Well just imagine that everyone in this classroom is loyal to his principals, his ideologyin other words to himself, but wait stop imagine just make it happen, but how?
A way to be sincere with yourself is starting with a simple thing; accepting your mistakes and trying to fix them evenif you do not want it. Being objective and considering what´s good and what´s bad, but thinking rationally the consequences that we could get if we are dishonest. Sometimes it´s better to hear a truththat can hurt than a lie that can affect the rest of your life. Sometimes we do not say the truth because we do not want to hurt people´s feeling. Also most of the people lie because it will eitherwin them something or because it will prevent to them something bad that could happen. The problem with lying is that it becomes a lifelong habit.
If we want a healthy life you should share your...
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