English Test

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Part I
Write” There is” or ”There are” in the boxes below.
1. five pens in the box.
2. a car in the garage.
3. some books on the table.
4. a telephone in the bedroom.
5. two tables inthe kitchen.
6. many birds in that tree.
7. a magazine on the floor.
8. four chairs in the room.
9. seven days in a week.
10. a drink in the fridge.
Part II Write How Much or How Many in thespaces in blank.
1. ___________________lemonade have we got? We’ve got only one bottle.

2. ______________________ bottles are there? Three.

3. _____________________ meat is there? We have gottwo steaks.

4. ______________________bananas have we got? We haven’t got any.

5. ______________________sugar have we got? Enough.

6. _______________________ bread have we got? Some.

7.________________________ pens are in your bag? Six.

8. _________________________ money have we got? We haven’t got a lot.

9. _________________________bikes are there in the garden? Two.

10._________________________children have they got? Two girls and a boy.

Part III: Complete using some/any/a/an:
1. There's ____ airport next to the city.
2. There are _________ beautiful gardens,but there aren't fountains.
3. There are __________ postcards on this table for you.
4. Are there _________parents in that party?
5. There isn't ____________shopping centre in this littletown.
6. Is there ___________office near here?
7. There are _______ good books that you should read.
8. Is there _______orange in the fridge?
9. Are there __________chocolates in the kitchen?
10.There aren't __________cookies left, sorry!
11. There's ____________house next to the river. Some friends live there.
12. Are there ___________armchairs in your house?

B Decide ifthese sentences are correct or incorrect.
Write C (correct) or I (incorrect).

1. There are any pictures on the wall.
2. There is a cat near the wall.
3. Are there some books in the shelves?...
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