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English fourth partial essay
Human flu
In this past month an alarming event occurring that changed life as we know it in my city. A few weeks ago we startedpeople started to contract an infectious disease similar to the flu. People around the country started to fall victims to the outbreak of this disease. Cases started tobe detected in different states and my state was one of the most severely affected. At first it was rumored that the flu was a mutation from a flu contracted fromswine.
Measures were taken to avoid the spread of this disease. Schools were cancelled and classes have been closed since 25th to this date. People were asked to stay intheir homes and wear face masks. Another measure that was taken was reminding people to continuously wash their hands.
The World Health Organization (WHO) warnedthat the number of AH1N1 flu virus cases is still growing with 787 cases confirmed in 17 nations. WHO is not yet recommending travel restrictions or border closing,although it has advised people with flu symptoms to avoid traveling.
A myth that has circulated through the internet is that the virus is actually fictitious andfabricated by the government to calm the situation of the economic crisis. By causing panic among the people, the government controls them because they begin to confide inthe leaders and turn to them for protection.
Another myth is that also because of the economic crisis in our country and around the world the virus was actuallyreleased by pharmaceutical companies to allow them to make sales to improve their current situation and allow them to profit from people’s fear and sickness.
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