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Generally, most people are interested in facts that last through the time; these facts usually are relatedwith the biggest disasters ever in history, no matter how old are they or where do they live, disasters as “Titanic” or “9/11” are always kept in mindof people. Not only people learn from their own mistakes, but also from history and fact as the one mentioned in this article called “Letters fromthe Hindenburg”.

The Hindenburg, the hydrogen-filled zeppelin airship designed to across the Atlantic filled with hundreds of pounds of mail and 97riders burst into flames on May 6, 1937. Besides people argue and make their own conclusions, the reasons of this disaster are still unknown, thisaccident cause the dead of 35 persons, and the lost of thousands of letters that were never sent. From those letters were almost 360 pieces thatwithstood the flames, and are those letters who brought histories that were inside of the zeppelin before the disaster, one of them for example: about aChicago perfume executive called Burtis Dollan, who wrote to his wife from the belly of the zeppelin and they never meet each other again.

Youwill be able to enjoy this article as much as I did, we are almost in its 75 anniversary, and there are many people who are interested in things likethis, as I told you, these facts from history always kept in mind of people, it would be a great article to link in your new webpage.

Michael Zavala.
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