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iExample of sustainable company
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We evaluate our projects through the lens of what is popularly known as a triple bottom line: the impact ofa project financially, socially, and environmentally. With this in mind, we view our projects through a few simple, pragmatic screens: First, we seek to undertake actions that contribute to bestpractices in the real estate business. Second, we seek projects that push us to learn more about this very young industry, and share what we’ve learned with others. Finally, we seek projects that help usteam with partners who want to make a difference and join us in our pursuit. We seek to do things in an alternative fashion to make a difference - an acronym we stumbled upon, after the fact, butwhich works on many levels nonetheless. The best things often happen that way. We step forward and the project shows us where we’re going. |

Sustainable Features
All irrigation utilizes rainwaterwhich has been harvested off the roofs of the buildings and
stored in a large cistern behind the center. This saves .
A tight building envelope, high-efficiency light fixtures and HVAC equipment,efficient glazing,
and a highly-reflective white roof help .
85% of all construction debris, totaling , was kept out of the landfill
through recycling or reuse.
Low volatile organic compound (VOC)paints, sealants and adhesives were used throughout
the project, improving indoor air quality.
High efficiency HVAC units ensure healthy levels of outside air and moisture control.
Porous pavement inthe parking lots, which allows water to naturally percolate into the ground,
Materials were selected that have high recycled material content and that are manufactured
within a 500 mile radius ofthe project site.
Water efficient plumbing units such as waterless urinals and ultra-low flow fixtures have
Preferred parking spaces are provided for shoppers driving in carpools and for those...
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