Ensayo sobre la salud en usa

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Oliver Alfaro

Essay 5

I agree at some point with Leonard Fleck, healthcare it is on the hands of the powerful, wealthy individuals in our country. It only benefits that minoritybut the middle and poor class are left aside. The health system in the United States is characterized by
contradictions and complexity. On the one hand, the U.S. has a large amount of the latesttechnology, including many of the top business schools, medical clinics, hospitals and research centers worldwide. But many American health resources are not available for the majority of the population.The great American conflict is to have one of the large, expensive and complicated systems of health in the world, while many Americans have minimum access to these health resources. The debate onhealth care increases each year as system problems increasingly affect citizens. I believe the major problems of the American health system are Social Security System Administration, political influenceover the reform proposals and contradiction between the cost of the health system and services that it offers. But perhaps the biggest problem of the health system in the United States is that accessto universal health care system is not considered as an issue of human rights. In the U.S. the health system is seen as a business, subject to the laws of free markets and political manipulation.
Inthe U.S. healthcare is divided between the private and public system. However, both health systems are managed predominantly based on the principles of free enterprise characteristic of the Americansystem. In theory, this free enterprise system should provide efficient, affordable to health services and a competitive environment that would allow a successful private health care system based onprepayments or Prepaid Health (Managed Health Care). However, in reality, the American people realize that the prepaid health system is not providing the public access to a quality health system. In...
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