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1. - What is your name?
2. - Where are you from?
3. - I wonder if this is your first time in Guadalajara
I wonder if this is thefirst time you visit Guadalajara
4. - I`d be interested to know, what you are doing in Guadalajara.
I`d be interested to know whatthe purpose of your visit to Guadalajara is
5. - I wonder if you would mind to telling me how man days you will be here?
How longare you going to stay/be here?
6. - Can you tell me if this is your first time in our city or you had already visited before
7. - I`d liketo know what you like of this country
8. - have you heard mariachis? If so, did you like it?
9. - Have you tried a typical food ofMexico? If so, which one?
10. - Do you know any tradition of Mexico? If so which one? What do you know about it? (Esta pregunta es muy amplia,si la hacen prepárense a una explicación de nuestras tradiciones).
11. - Is there any similar tradition between Mexico and your country?If so, which one?
12. - Day of dead is coming soon. I recommend you to visit a cemetery, specially “Panteòn de Belen”
13. – Well,changing subjects. I`d like to know what you think that Students who study English, do this kind of activities.
14. - In your opinion, whatwould be the best way to learn English?
15. - Finally, Would you come back to Guadalajara?
16. - Why? (or why not?)

Thanks for your time
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