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title: cherry apple wine
pairing: SasuSaku, possible others
summary: The night was young, the music, high, and Sakura was…confused. "So, I may or may not have made out with a gay guy last night."
for: Epiff Annie, because I wish for her happiness.
notes: AU. Probably cliché. Fun to write though. ;D
disclaimer: Naruto and all associated characters, places, names, etc., does not belong to me.Haruno Sakura was on the prowl.
Sort of.
She wobbled her way—damned stilettos—through the mass of gyrating bodies, sweat-slick and barely breathing under the strain of being around so many people. The air was filled with the heady scents of musk, sweat, artificial fruits and flowers, and…
"Sakura! Over here!"
Smiling to herself at the thought of blonde-haired, blue-eyed YamanakaIno, the pink-haired girl followed her best friend's loud, slightly-grating voice over to the bar where he was sitting with Tenten, another of her inner circle.
"Hey guys," she said, as she settled comfortably onto one of the metallic bar stools. "Anything interesting happen while you were waiting for me to get here?"
Tenten shook her head.
"Not really. There were these two really cute guysthough." She sighed, fanning herself.
Sakura chuckled.
"That good, huh?"
Ino stirred her drink, eyes slightly clouded with the memory.
"Oh yeah. They were hot. But one of them, this one guy with black hair? Kind of like a chicken's ass? He was just…very, very pretty."
"But he was probably gay." Tenten nodded her head sagely.
Sakura grimaced, ordering something light, sweet and fruityfrom the bartender.
"Again? Ugh, it's always the hot ones."
"Oh, you know…" Ino slid a sideway glance at Tenten, speaking without words. Sakura watched this all, a little confused
(and slightly tipsy, because despite herself and the silly umbrella drinks she was consuming with increasing speed—she had never quite inherited her Master's level of tolerance)
"What are you two talkingabout?"
Tenten shifted uncomfortably.
"Well…you know…"
Sakura huffed, and ordered two shots of something she couldn't pronounce.
"Ob-Obvi—" she pouted, clearly upset by the number of syllables.
"Well, if I'm asking you, I don't think that's true, is it?"
"Duh. She's talking about Sai."
Sakura blanched, and threw back another shot to hide her grimace.
Like it or not, Ino and Tenten wereright. Sai had been pretty—an artiste he'd called himself. And black-haired. And dark-eyed. And beautifully pale.
He had also had an affinity for black belly shirts.
And the word penis.
She so should have known better.
"I thought we were all supposed to forget about him."
Tenten looked at her, a little disconcerted by the steadily increasing stack of empty glasses being lifted away andreplaced by the bartender.
"Well, you certainly seem determined to, what with the way you're going. Slow down, yeah?"
Ino waved Tenten's concern away and wrapped an arm around the pink-haired girl.
"Ne, Sakura deserves to relax, don't you think? Have you forgotten the reason we're out to begin with? Top of her class….again! And this time, it's med-school!"
Sakura blushed pink—a result of boththe alcohol in her system, and the not-so subtle reminder of all she had achieved.
"Yeah, yeah, let's just have fun tonight, yeah?"
Ino wasn't really listening—instead, choosing to focus on a spot directly behind her.
"Right. And oooh! There he is!"
Sakura turned to see what the hell she was talking about.

Um, well…
So his hair was a bit awkward. The perfection—the nearperfect symmetry—of his facial features more than made up for it. Fine, aristocratic…just plain pretty, from the sharp slashes of his eyebrows, to the angles of his cheeks, down to the thin lips.
And that said nothing about his body. Which should have been preserved in a museum next to David.
But then he wouldn't be here in this club. Walking. Breathing. And being...
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