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The Glass Menagerie
Tennesse Williams

- Who’s the main character of the play?

The Glass Menagerie is a ‘memory play’ narrated by Tom, one of the characters. He tells the story of his familyuntil he left them, of her mother, Amanda, and his sister, Laura. His father, in spite of not being a physical character in the play, his presence is still around them.
There, being only fivecharacters in the play, this makes them all extremely necessary for it. However it must be a main character and I think that this one would be Laura. Firstly because, though, that Amanda has the strongestpersonality, she is definitely a flat character. As well as Tom seems to be, although this is to arguable, at the end play, he doesn’t seem to have changed, because he didn’t became a writer or he evendidn’t do anything about his life after all. He regrets, in his final speech, leaving his beloved sister, Laura. “Oh, Laura, Laura, I tried to leave you behind me, but I am more faithful than Iintended to be!”
Amanda loves her, she is her mother. But she is almost always cruel with her. Amanda says to Laura once: “What is the matter with you, you silly thing?”. She lives in the past and in anunrealistic future. She is not going to change, and it doesn’t seem that she wants to, but her influence on her kids makes them suffocate, and they need to run away from her, because she can consumetheir life. “You smoke too much. A pack a day at fifteen cents per pack. How much would that amount to in a month? Thirty tome fifteen is how much, Tom?”. Here show how Amanda tries to control their kids,but they are not any more little ones, they should have their own lives.
The focus of the play is on Laura’s life and personality. She is the glass menagerie, as it is called the play, is ametaphor. That makes her a round character. At scene 7, when her favorite little piece of glass, the unicorn, is broken, it represents the inner change of Laura. This is practically direct, because she says...
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