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Scene Two: “Laura, haven’t you ever liked a boy?”

Blue roses on the background appear.
Laura comes in slowly and the blue roses disappear.
Laura is washing and polishing her collection of glassuntill she hears Amanda on the fire-escape.
Laura catches her breath, thrusts the bowl of ornaments away and sits down on the ivory chair pretending to study.
Before entering Amanda purses herlips, roll her eyes and shakes her head. Then she slowly lets herself in.
Laura touches her lips nervously

Laura: Hello, Mother, I was- (she makes a nervous gesture towards the chart on the wall)Amanda: (looks at Laura with a pained expression) Deception? (removes her hat and gloves continuing the suffering stare. She lets the hat and gloves fall)

Laura: (shakily) How was the D.A.R.meeting? -Amanda touches a handkerchief to her lips and nostrils-
Didn’t you go to the D.A.R meeting Mother?

Amanda: (faintly) No- (forcibly) I did not have the strenght, I did not have the courage!(she crosses slowly to the wall and removes the diagram of the typewriter keyboard- she stares at it sweetly, then bite s her lips and tears it)

Laura: (faintly) Why did you do that Mother?
(Amandarepeats the same procedure with Greggs alphabet)
Why are you-

Amanda: Why? Why? How old are you Laura?

Laura: Mother you know my age

Amanda: I thought you were an adult. It seems that I wasmistaken (crosses slowly to the sofa, sinks down on it and stares at Laura)

Laura: Please don’t stare at me mother

Amanda: (closes her eyes and lowers her head) What are we going to do What isgoing to become of us in the future?

Laura: Has something happened mother? (Amanda repeats the procedure with the handkerchief) Mother, has - something happened?

Amanda: I’ll be alright in aminute, I’m just bewildered - by life

Laura: Mother I wish you could tell me what happened!

Amanda: As you know, I was supposed to be inducted into my office at the D.A.R. this afternoon but I...
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