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|Name: Juan Antonio Arellano Becerra |Student´s number: 2685600 |
|Course title:Inges I|Teacher’s name:Irma Esparza Moreno |
|Module1.Personalities and Jobs: |Activity:1.Love andmarriage |
|Date: 7 de septiembre del 2012 |Team: doesn’t aply ||Bibliography: |

Title:How easily do i get mad?Introduction:In this paper I’m going to talk about the things that bothers me the most,also about how easily I get mad

I get mad to easily,I don’t have much tolerance,whensomething bothers me I don’t keep it to myself, I talk about it and sometimes im to rude.
According to the test im easygoing, I things that it’s wrong because the things that theyasked are not annoying,I get mad for a lot of things.
One of the things that bothers me the most is that people treat other with no respect,
Another thing that bothers me alot Is people who doesn’t have manners,that it’s something that I hate.
Of the things that the test asked not many bothers me just tree:
That people talk loud in theaters
Thatpeople talk with their mouth full of food
And that my doctor show up late at my appointment
All this things above happen when the people doestn have manners that’s why I can’tstand them

Not many things bother me but, I need to chill sometimes,I get mad to many times in the day,I need to calm down and not let things annoy me so easily.
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