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jMGEM 2011-2012

Hector Fabregas

Take Home Final Exam For C-C Oriented HRM
1. State what did you learn from each element of the knowledge map in

this course. Please answer the question in bullet by bullet form. (30%)


Core-competency oriented strategic thinking

• What is strategy
I’ve learned the importance of resource allocation to set the direction
where theorganization wants to get.

• Strategic thinking
Is an essential core competency for leadership positions referred to the
choice making process. Many firms use such competency to evaluate
the performance at the workplace of their executives and leaders.
Creativity, innovation, open mind, communication, know how or risk
management are some of the key characteristics that this type of workersmay have in order to develop this competency.

• Organization operating cycle
The importance of strategy to link the different elements of resource
allocation, operating activity, competitive advantage and survival niche
is crucial to set the different stages of the cycle.

• Entity levels of Strategic thinking
There are three main levels: corporate, business and functional level,
dependingof the size of the entity to which this competency is applied.

• Levels of Strategic Thinking duration
Depending on the duration, levels are named differently: mission,
vision, belief, long-term, mid-term goals and direction, anual target and
action plan.

jMGEM 2011 – 2012

Hector Fabregas

• Framework for core competency oriented strategic thinking system
Differentiates theinternal perspective (more focused on the resourcegap) and the external one (focused on the customer) through a SWOT
analysis considering value activities, core competencies and strategy.

• The concepts of core competence-oriented management system
It considers the product in its both visible and invisible aspects,
determining its core competences related to the value that clients need
and itsfinal evaluation matching both elements.

• Strategic thinking and implementing procedures
Through a series of steps, it is possible to plan the strategy taking into
account the organization’s position, its value activities and the industry
environment where it competes, making it possible to determine its key
success factors and comptetitive value activities resulting from different
keyperformance index analysis.

• Key performance indexes to evaluate the organizational
It refers to the values necessary for serving client needs. In my case,
brand image, customer service and customized product are the key
indexes to determine the competitive value activities of my company in
the industry.


Core-competency identification approach

Within human resourcemanagement, the identification of core-competencies
among the different employees is a critical factor if quality workforce is to be
retained in a firm. This is specially hard and challenging in the price war and
cost cutting environment existing in many industries.

jMGEM 2011-2012


Hector Fabregas

Behavior side of core-competency

It’s the identification of core-competenciesthrough observation of the
behavior of a person. It follows a cause-effect model correlating skills
within a corporate system environment.


Application of core-competency in HRM system

Once the organization, through many different tools of analysis, has
identified its core competencies needed to develop its strategy throughout
the value activity chain, it is important to measure andassess the
performance of the employees upon such core competencies. Under such
approach, the effectiveness of the organization is addressed to its key


Systematic thinking process of HRM in formulating a
business plan

A systematic thinking process considers the whole project and the
interrelationships among its various components, allowing the effective
management of...
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