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Guillermo Alban

“Evolutionary Creationism”
10 page essay

Victoria Maldonado Peralta

Monday, 20 june 2011

Evolutionary creationism


The creation of the world has always been a very polemic topic. People worldwide have very different opinions which they defend more or less depending on how much they care about the originsof the world. There are theories and theories about the creation of the world. There are those who believe in the evolutionary theory, which is also known as biological or organic evolution, and those who believe in the creationist theory or creationism, which is a theistic belief.

Everybody, throughout their life, has at some point asked themselves, at least once, the question: Where do wecome from? There are many theories that try to explain this, but the most common two are the creationist theory, which is defended by the church in general, and the evolutionary theory, which is defended by radical scientists and people who believe that science and physical, tangible things are the only real ones.

They are called “theories” because neither of them has been completely proved. Forme both theories are in fact only one. I think a person who believes one hundred percent in science and proven things is incomplete because they do not have a higher purpose. If there is nothing beyond this world then why do I live? For what do I live? What is my purpose in life? In the same way that a person who does not believe in science is lacking the truth because you cannot deny what yousee.
Science cannot explain more things than faith; maybe faith can explain more things than science. Faith would be the mother of science so in this way the mother obviously knows more than her child. Once an important philosopher said:
“Science and faith go hand in hand; it is just that science is too young to understand”.
The head of faith is God, and it is God Who created science and Whoallows us to understand it, develop it and make new discoveries. This is one of the reasons that I think science does not have the last word. Even if we live for thousands of years we would never finish learning all the things that can be learned. Today we cannot explain why miracles occur, but maybe in five thousand years it will be common knowledge.

Why do we study our history? Why is it soimportant to understand our origins? The answer to these questions can be easy to explain for some people and complex for others. For me it is easy, because in order to know where we are going we first need to know where we come from; in order to plan our life and project ourselves forward we first need to understand the natural laws that precede us. You cannot construct a one hundred story buildingwithout first knowing the conditions that surround the building and the materials you need to use in order to build it strong and with the certainty that it is not going to fall.

When you talk about the beginnings of humanity, many things come to your head. There are a lot of theories that try to explain the origins of mankind, and I am going to talk about two specific ones, which are theevolutionary theory and the creationist theory, and how in my opinion they are not really two but one.

Evolutionary creationism is basically compounded by the mixture of two common theories which are the evolutionary theory and the creationist theory. It is a theory that unites these two beliefs so that they complement each other to form one single knowledge.


The evolutionarytheory is also known as anthropogenesis, it says that all mankind as well as other creatures come from less developed species, in our case, we are supposed to be evolved primates; and that every single creature in earth is naturally programmed to improve itself. The term “human”, in the context of evolution, refers to the genus Homo, even though it comes after the Australopithecines, specie that...
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