Ethic Simulation

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Ethics Game


University of Phoenix

10th august 2011

Ethics Game

Many companies suffer not only in the public, but financially in the long run because

of greed for shortterm gain.   When the FDA requires specific ingredients in a medication

that is out on the shelves it is up to the company to both pull the medication off the shelf,

and sell it elsewhere tomake up the difference the company would lose, place appropriate

labels on the medication, or even pull the medication and destroy it.   When going over

my personal ethics and the company code ofethics it was easy for me to decide that

should pull the medication off the shelves and destroy it preventing harm to not just

people in the U.S but in other countries where the drug could besold.

The relationship between concepts of virtue, values, and morals are virtually the same.

When speaking about virtue in the business environment it is to be righteousness or

goodness.  Values would be the rules of the company and morals would be how we judge

others at the company.   Results from the FDA came back that the medication that was

already on the shelves in thestores were no longer safe.   It is the virtue in me about

doing what is right for the good of the people that would help me make a decision on

what to do.   The company has rules that serve as thevalues for the company.   Values

help make a decision on what is good for the company short and long term.   A company

will always be in the media when there is an issue with a medication thataffects the

community.   Morals allows the evaluation of judging not just on myself, the company, but also the community, and what the community would want to see happen.  

If virtue,values, and morals are not considered together when making a decision that

effects not just you as a person and the company in its entirety the company may suffer all

the effects of making bad...
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