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- Define and explain the following personal treats related to ethical reasoning process:
o Freedom: what you can do
o Reason: what you have to do
o Will: what you want to do
- Explain the roleof facts and uncertainty in ethical decision making.

- Explain the link between willingness and freedom in moral responsibility for personal behavior.
If there’s not freedom, there is no will todo the things.

- Explain the structure of the moral act (goal, object and circumstances).
Goal: motivates your behavior, it is what you want to achieve.
Object: it is your way to act accordingto your circumstances.
Circumstances: are the conditions in which things can happen.

- Explain the relevance of ethical reasoning, related to decision making and the use of ethical theories.

-Explain Kohlberg’s levels of moral reasoning.
The first stage in the preconventional level is obedience and punishment. In this stage people, usually young children, avoid certain behaviors onlybecause of the fear of punishment, not because they see them as wrong. The second stage in the preconventional level is called individualism and exchange: in this stage people make moral decisions basedon what best serves their needs.
The third stage is part of the conventional morality level and is called interpersonal relationships. In this stage one tries to conform to what is consideredmoral by the society that they live in, attempting to be seen by peers as a good person. The fourth stage is also in the conventional morality level and is called maintaining social order. This stagefocuses on a view of society as a whole and following the laws and rules of that society.
The fifth stage is a part of the postconventional level and is called social contract and individual rights.In this stage people begin to consider differing ideas about morality in other people and feel that rules and laws should be agreed on by the members of a society. The sixth and final stage of moral...
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