Examen extraordinario de primer grado de secundaria, inglés

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I.- Choose the correct option and to put in brackets 1.- To give instructions in English we use: ( a) questions b)imperatives c) auxiliaries 2.- To ask for permission say: a) May I…? b) Excuse me ( c) Good bye ) 18.- Are these your sneakers Sharon? The word these is used to talk about: ( ) a) singular nouns b) plural nouns c)adjectives ) 19.- The word these is used to talk about things: a) far away from us b) near us c) both ) ( ) 20.- Are those my jeans? The word those is used to ) talk about: ( a) singular nouns b) plural nouns c) adjectives

3.- To greet people when we arrive we say: ( a)see you later b)stand up! c)Good morning 4.- To greet people when we leave we say: ( a)good bye b)an imperative c)good evening)

5.- I'm from Cairo. I'm Egyptian. The contraction I'm means: 21.- The word those is used to talk about things: a) I am b) I can c) I will ( ) a) far away from us b) near us c) both ( 6.- What's your last name? The contraction what's means: a) What are b) What is c) What does 22.- Is he writing a letter? Yes, ( ( ) a) he isn't writing a letter 7.- My name's Bob. The contraction name's means:b) She is writing a letter a) name is b) name are c) name does c) he is writing a letter ( ) 23.- Are you driving a car? No, ___ ( 8.- He is from Japan, He's ________ ( ) a) I'm not driving a car a) Mexican b) Japanese c) American b) You,re driving a car c) Am I driving a car? 9.- She is English, she's from________ ( ) a) England b) Italy c) The USA 24.- The interrogative form for this sentence: (My father is working now: 10.- _____, two, _____, four, _____, six ( ) a) Does my father working now? a) seven, eight, nine b) five, one, three c) one, three, five b) Is my father working now? c) My father is working now? 11.- When's her birthday? ( ) a) My birthday is on May 12th 25.- Do you like skating? Yes, ___________ ( b) Her birthday is on August 4th a) You like skating b) I like skatingc) His birthday is on January 23rd c) I like dancing 12.- What does your father do? ( ) 26.- Does he love a party? Yes, ___________ a) He's a policeman b) She's an architec a) He loves a party b) She likes a party c) You are a doctor c) He doesn't love a party 13.- What do you do? a) She is a dentis b) You're a nurse 14.- What is the plural form of shoe? a) shoes b) shoess 15.- What is the singularform of dress? a) dress b) dresses 16.- Is there a singular form for pants? a) yes b) No ( ) 27.- It's six o'clock. You are taking a shower: c) I'm a student a) 7:00 b) 5:10 ( c) shoeses ( c) dres ( c) maybe (

) )





( ) c) 6:00 )

) 28.- It's 9:15 You are having a light breakfast ( a) a quarter past nine b) a half past nine c) a quarter to ten ) 29.- It's 4:30 You andyour friends are at the park a) four o'clock b) four thirty ) c) thirteen past four ( 30.- Eighth month of the year. a) January b) June


17.- Those are Jessica's jeans: what does's mean? a) is b) possession c) has ( )

( ) c) August

31.- The comma (,) is used to: ( ) 45.- You can play video games at the ( a) separate parts of a sentence to understand a) amusement park b) arcade thesentence clearly c) stationery store b) finish one idea and begin a new one 46.- _____ there a restaurant near here? ( 32.- The word 'and' is used to: ( ) a) Are b) Is c) How a) join three or more words or phrases in a sentence 47.- Where can I find _____ Italian Restaurant? ( b) join two words or parts of a sentence a) an b) a c) the 33.- She likes dancing and going to the movies The letter s inlikes is used: ( a) to express plural things b) to express what another person likes c) to express in the third person the singular 34.- She loves reading comics The letter s in comics is used: ( a) to express plural things b) to express what another person loves c) to express in the third person the singular 35.- The word but is used: ( a) to express two positive ideas or two negative ideas in the...
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