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Instruction: Quietly read and analyze before responding as appropriate to the correct answer on theanswer sheet by filling in pencil subsection.

1.- Which one is a formal greeting?
a) Hi
b) Hello
c) Ok
d) Please

2.- Are two ways to answer “How are you?
a) This is Robert / Nice too meet you
b) Perfect / More or less
c) I’m OK / I’m fine, thanks
d) Good afternoon / thanks

3.- What instructions do you hear in the classroom?
a) Please sit down / Open your books
b) Present /Welcome
c) Read / Write
d) Raise your hand / Underline the word

4.- What is the eighth month of the year?
a) July
b) May
c) October
d) August

5.- How to write with letters (3rd)?
a) Third
b) First
c) Second
d) Fourth

6.- Which days are the weekend?
a) Monday / Tuesday
b) Friday / Saturday
c) Wednesday / Thursday
d) Saturday / Sunday

7.- Is the occupation of a man working onmaking movies, novels or theater?
a) Actor
b) Plumber
c) Dancer
d) Soccer player

8.- What result gives us the amount to forty-seven plus five?
a) Twenty-one
b) Fifty-two
c) Thirty-seven
d) Fifty

9.- What is the age question?
a) What’s your name?
b) Where are you from?
c) How old are you?
d) When is your birthday?

10.- When do we use a?
a) Before the verbs
b) Before the nounsstarting with vowel sound
c) Before the nouns starting with a consonant
d) Before the adjectives

11.- What is the demonstrative that is used when you're talking about a person who is nearby.?
a) That
b) Their
c) This
d) There

12.- Personal pronoun indicating the third singular person.
a) I
b) He
c) We
d) They

13.- What are the possessives adjectives?
a) I, you, he, she, it…b) This, These, That, Those
c) My, your, his, her, its …
d) Am, is are

14.- What item indicates the clothes?
a) Belt, Dress, Tie, Skirt
b) Customer, Clerk, Walking, Socks
c) Jeans, Red, White, Purple
d) Collection, Cap, Famous, wear

15.- When I say She's fixing the car. When the action is happening?
a) In the past
b) In the future
c) Now
d) Every day

16.- It mean “pintando” inEnglish
a) Painter
b) Paint
c) Painted
d) Painting

17.- The words next to, behind, in, on, in front of and between indicate:
a) Prepositions of place
b) Prepositions of time
c) Frequency adverbs
d) Sequence adverbs

18.-Hi Janet . How are you? I’m working on a report about Venus and Serena Williams.
In the last line the word you refers to:
a) Serena
b) Janet
c) Williamsd) Venus

19.-Which of the following subsection indicates sports?
a) Baseball, hiking, swimming
b) Baseball player, athlete, swimmer
c) Base, walking, swimming
d) Pitcher, track, pool

20.- This linking word indicate contrast:
a) And
b) Comma
c) But
d) Or

21.- Do you like sports?
a) Yes, you does
b) Yes, I do
c) Yes, I am
d) Yes, I don’t

22.- Which words belong to the samecategory all?
a) Instruments, newspaper, comics, magazines
b) The radio, TV, books, music
c) Watching, reading, going, playing
d) Video games, sports, shopping, happy

23.- I’m thirsty…
a) Let’s have a sandwich
b) Shall we take a taxi?
c) Why don’t we have a lemonade?
d) Let’s go to the movies

24.- What we celebrate on 14 February?
a) Mother’s day
b) The Flag Day
c) The New Yeard) Valentine´s Day

25.- What nationality I am, if I live in Mexico?
a) Canadian
b) Mexican
c) Japanese
d) Italian

26.- The phrase “No, thanks. I’m very busy” is …
a) A suggestion
b) An excuse
c) A reason
d) A contrast

27.- how to write letters the time 6:30?
a) Half past six
b) Six is thirteen
c) Thirty minutes past the seven
d) Six o’clock

28.- This means a verb in...
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