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Evaluation: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Time: 2.5 hours
Marking: 100 marks, plus 10 marks for the bonus question.
Exam Process
This examination is composed of multiple sections. Eachsubsequent section relies upon standard solutions from the previous sections. You are required to submit your section answers—on completion—to the examination coordinator, and trade it for the standardsolution. Use the provided standard solution as the basis for your subsequent work.

On completion of the examination, hand in the entire set of standard solutions.

Do not reveal or discuss thestandard solutions, either during or after the examination.

Please note that the use case questions have the least marks, since they are relatively straightforward and not an object-orientedskill. In contrast, the questions on responsibility assignment, patterns, and design of collaborations have the most marks, since these are critical object-oriented design skills.
Allocate your timein proportion to the relative weighting of the questions.
Evaluation Objectives
Ability to identify primary use cases and record them in expanded, essential form.
Ability to identify outstandingconcepts, associations, and attributes and record them in a conceptual model using the UML notation.
Ability to identify system events and record them in a system sequence diagram using the UMLnotation.
Ability to assign responsibilities and design collaborations between software components using the GRASP patterns, and illustrate the results in UML collaboration diagrams.
Ability to summarizeclass definitions in a UML design class diagram.
Ability to map design artifacts into class definitions in an object-oriented programming language.
Evaluation: Use Cases-------------------------------------------------

Our problem domain is an information system for a video rental store. Simplifying assumptions and details:

It is a stand-alone store, not part of a larger...
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