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1) Complete with the verb “To Be”
a. It _________ cold today
b. I __________ at home now
c. They _________ korean
d. There _______ a pen on the desk
e. My name ________ Nikita
f. We ___________ from England
g. That __________ right
h. I _________ Ok, thanks
i. Clara and Steve _________ married
j. She __________ an English teacher.

2) Chose the correct word – pay attentionto the rules above.
I  ____________ in a bank (work)
A. work
B. works
C. workes
She __________ in Florida (live)
A. live
C. livees
It _________ everyday in Manchester (rain)
A. rain
C. raines
We __________ to Spain every summer (fly)
A. fly
B. flys
C. flies
My mother __________ eggs for breakfast every morning (fry)
A. fry
B. frys
C. fries
The bank________ at four o'clock. (close)
1.   close
2.   closies
3.   Closes
She always ________ every exam. (pass)
1.   pass
2.   passies
3.   passes
My best friend ________ to me every week. (write)
1.   write
2.   writies
3.   writes
I just ________ TV every night. (watch)
1.   watch
2.   watchies
3.   watches

3) Complete with the correct form of the verbin Present Simple.
1. My teacher sometimes (tell) us some funny jokes.

2. The boys never (tell) us any funny jokes.

3. We always (learn) a lot at school.

4. Mary (learn) a lot at school.

5. John (read) a lot of history books.

6. The children (read) a lot of funny books.

7. English children (wear) school uniform at school.

8. Simon (wear) a blue school uniform at school.9. Sandra (take) sandwiches to school with her.

10. Most children (take) sandwiches to school with them.

11. My parents (work) all day.

12. My father (work) in a shop.

4) Complete with the present simple.

Mary and  I _________ (work) in the same office, but we´re completely different. She _______ (like) coffee, but I ________ tea (like). She _________ (wash) her car every weekend,but I never ________ (clean) mine. She ______ (smile) all the time at work, but I __________ (feel) miserable. I ___________ (complain) about the boss all the time, but Mary _______ (think) the boss is a nice person. When I ___________ (finish) work I like to drink beer with my friends, but Mary ______________ (study) at night school.
The boss __________ (think) Mary is perfect, but she ___________(drive) me nut.

5. Arrange the words to make sentences in simple present.
1. I / to collect stamps - I collect stamps.
2. we / to play card games -
3. he / to read comics -
4. Chris / to sing in a band -
5. we / to have a hamster -
6. Andy and John / to like cola -
7. she / to be nice -
8. they / to help their parents -
9. the children / to speakEnglish -
10. I / to buy a newspaper every Saturday -

6. Unscramble these sentences.
Example: She home at lives - She lives at home.
1. I my face wash
2. she tennis plays
3. he school likes
4. you a ride horse
5. Cindy good food cooks
6. a cough he has

7.Write a self-introduction using the paragraph below. Choose your answers from these verbs using the Present Simple:
love -come - live - have - be - go
Example: My name is Peter. (be)
Hi! My name Tyler and I from America. I in New York and I sports and music. I one brother and he to university. It's nice to meet you!

8)Please make sentences using simple present.

Monday afternoons / work in the garden.
On Monday afternoons she works in the garden.

1. Monday afternoons / go / for a long walk
On2. Tuesday mornings / teach / English

3. Wednesday afternoons / play / the piano

4. Thursday evenings / meet / her friend in a coffee shop

5. Friday afternoons / go / riding

6. Saturday mornings / make / an English breakfast

7. Sunday evenings / watch / television

Simple - (Simple Present Tense)

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