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High School 11
Lic Arturo B de la Garza

Project 1

Norma Lizeth Alvarado Garivay
Roll: o3

Alejandra Cavazos Briones
Roll: O7

Ana Patricia Cerda Barbosa
Roll: O8

Cristina Deyanira Estrada Villarreal
Roll: 13

Invisible Ink 3
Liquids in Caps 4
Experiment of the bean 5
Thevolcano experiment 6
To melt water 7
The acid and the alkaline! 8
 A Transparent Egg 9
Vinegar Rocket Launcher 11
Explosive bubbles 12
Glossary 13

Clear Vinegar or juice of lemon,
A candle
A small stick of teeth
It takes a clients' small stick, wets the top with lemon or vinegar and writes on a paper. Then leave it to dry and the message will become invisible. Pará to see it again, brings the paper over to the flame of a candle and reads the message
What is happening?
The liquid to the being exposed tothe heat, oxidizes, which returns it visibly. Care you burn!

He needs:
A plastic transparent bottle
(optional) Glycerine
vegetable liquid Colourings
Procedure: Spill a liquid simultaneously inside the bottle and observe what position it takes. It adds droplets of colouring slowly to see them to go down for the liquids and to be dissolved. Close the bottle with alid. Now try to mix the liquids beating the bottle. Her leave the liquids rest
What is happening?
These liquids are not mixed between yes. Always they seek to separate when they are not batters. Some are denser than different. If it uses soluble colouring in fat, it will be able to dye the fats also

Experiment of the bean

In a bottle becomes a humidcotton and a bean, stays moist cotton for days adding a little water if it dries and is observed the beans to swell to germinate, take root and grow. You can even put two or three beans if one did not come to germinate. The purpose is to know and look closely at germination, is quite educational for children.

The volcano experiment

Materials experiment of volcano
mold of the volcano, youcould use plastina or clay
sodium bicarbonate
Red colorant (you can use paprika)
liquid dishwasher

Procedure of the experiment of the volcano

Volcano make a hole at the top of the volcano, in the event that it does not have it already.
Mixed in a glass of water 1 spoonful of baking soda
add a few drops of red dye
Adding a few drops of liquid to wash dishes.
Put everythinginto the hole of the volcano
Shed quarter Cup of vinegar

To melt water

Melt the ice with sugar

We introduce one of the easy-to-perform experiments and that they may be made by children.
To conduct our experiment we need a few bowls, salt, sugar and three ice cubes.
In one of the bowls we put a little salt and a bucket of ice and another plate put sugar with another bucket of ice. Thethird bucket of ice it will use as a reference.
After a few minutes we can see that:
1 the ice cubes melt if covered with salt or sugar.
2. The bucket of ice in contact with salt melts faster than the bucket with sugar.
On the surface of the ice cubes is a layer of liquid water in equilibrium with the ice. To add salt (or sugar), part of it is dissolved in the liquid

The acid and thealkaline!
Today conducted an experiment to know as it changes colour the water with a pigment obtained to boil purple cabbage and that to be in contact with other substance that changes color.

The teacher told us that we expiramos CO2. For this reason, blowing with a cigarette is changed to pink, getting the solution an acid PH

and then to the cabbage water we add...
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