Fédération internationale de football association

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Fédération Internationale de Football Association, better known as FIFA for its acronym, is not only one institution that governs the sport of soccer. FIFA has also inherit a social, culturalelement and sport policy. Furthermore, FIFA helps by educating the young people and fighting against world poverty. FIFA has become a powerful economic force which thrives on helping people in needthroughout the world. Several national associations associated with FIFA represent millions of active people between players, trainers and coaches. Starting off with the reasonable assume of which eachplayer, trainer, or coach has at least three or four close friends, many more human beings are reached throughout the world.
FIFA can accomplish many outstanding goals. For instance, The IraqianAssociation of Soccer has continued working throughout the course of the war, but no national selection team had dared to go to the capital of Iraq. However, in 2008 FIFA organized a soccer match inIraq, between Palestine and Jordan. This demonstrates that FIFA’s soccer is strong and is unanimously recognized by the politicians even in remote areas of the world where countries have differentpolitical opinions like Palestine and Jordan.
FIFA no longer is considered simply a sport, but a global unifying force whose qualities can considerably contribute to society. FIFA uses the power of soccerlike a tool for the social and human growth when bracing the work of numerous initiatives anywhere in the world in order to support the local communities in areas to maintain tranquility, fitness,social adaptation and education. The development of soccer implies investing in the people and the society in general; since, soccer is a life school that can reach millions of human beings on a veryconstructive way.

Played by millions of people anywhere in the world, soccer is the heart and the soul of the FIFA, and like guards of the sport, FIFA as a great responsibility. This responsibility...
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