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Project 1: Façade FABRICATIONS
The design challenge for project one was to design a new façade for the White Provisions Development Company. The program called for a civic space to connect thedistrict to the public space. For part one, we had to understand what’s on façade and how those elements can helps us in our design approach. With this in mind, we had to do site analysis and my focus wason the overlaying of different structural systems as the existing building was modified with time. A series of detail section drawings and close up pictures of the existing façade helped me tounderstand how the structural systems were put together. In a deeper analysis, the most intriguing part of the site analysis was the creation of pocket spaces as the planes of the structural systems mergeone onto another. Now up to this point, a series of collage helped to visualize how the new spaces were created and how they were adapting to the existing façade. Moving forward with the design idea,producing 3-D models reinforced and clarified more the abilities and potential of the pocket spaces as the generator of the new public space. In conclusion, my design proposal consisted on a system ofpockets spaces that inherent the existing façade and it contributed to the addition to a new inhabitable structural system to the existing façade.
Project 2: Freedom of ASSEMBLY
Part 1: Initiatingan Argument
The first part of this project was based on some readings in which the authors talk about different ways of using materiality as their design force. Alberti’s reading about the process indesign which consisted on lineament, proportion, and geometry. Qualities of materials are not important; instead proportions, systems, and lineament are the theoretical harmony and the most importantthing in the design process. According to Alberti, the definition of an architect marks the separation of the intellectual person from the craftsman. Ruskan’s reading focuses on the incrustation of...
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