Facebook in our lives

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Communication has always been very important. According to Aristoteles, the man is naturally a sociable being. He needs to live in society because he is a rational individual creature who is notself-sufficient and needs help of protection from others of their species. That’s why he lives in communities. Since the beginning of the world, the human beings have looked for different ways tocommunicate. They use smoke, animal messengers, then mail, telephones, radio, television and today we have internet.

The most popular means of communication today is what is called Social Network,been the most important Facebook. The social networks have such importance now days, and they reflect the need of the human beings to express themselves. The social network is a way of socialinteraction, where an dynamic interchange between persons, groups and institutions share the preferences between them, making a sense of pertinence of developing a net that acts for the benefit of all thecommunity. The fast evolution of the internet has changed the habits of the societies. The social networks are the new formula for interact with other persons, been able to generate channel ofexpression, spaces for debate, changing information videos or music.

In spite that Facebook is a very fast method of communication; people have to know some advantages and disadvantages of this socialnetwork. Some advantages are meet lost friends and relatives, share special moments with them, connect people no matter the distance. You can established good connection with the professional andbusiness world. People can create massive movements in a crisis situation. There are many other advantages but it is important to mention some disadvantages too. Is good to know that Facebook can bedangerous because our private life is exposure to many others. Sometimes people can steal your identity. People can get addictive to this social network. There are hackers who steal all the...
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