Facebook the new cause for divorces

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Facebook: The new cause of divorces

Facebook is a useful tool to find old friends, co-workers, a great tool to do business, advertising, and to find family members which we might lose contact fora long time. For many people Facebook has been a tool to make new friends, to find love or just to find someone to talk. To others Facebook has been the main cause for their separation or divorce.Facebook was founded by a computer programmer from Harvard University called Mark Zuckerberg in February 4, 2004. The main purpose of this social network was to connect people such as friends,family, co-workers and with people all around the world.
With Facebook we can share pictures, videos, and our experiences such as happiness, sadness, our achievements and our failures.
Facebook hasbeen a good tool to networking, advertising and to promote events. There are people who have created support groups pages for different causes such as cancer, mental disorders, autism, domesticviolence and protests groups such as Justice for Caylee Marie Anthony, just to mention some of them.
Facebook can be a good source for meeting people for those who are shy, it can be a very useful tool forthose who are lonely and need someone to talk. It could be a tool to reunite families and friends that has lost contact. It could be a source for finding love safer than those called “blind dates”,but the big issue of Facebook is that it is the main reason for a lot of today’s divorces.
Much has been said about the involvement of Facebook as the main cause for separations or divorces.There are many reasons for a couple to separate or get a divorce but researchers have demonstrated that 1 of every 5 of divorces, Facebook has been mentioned as the main cause of the decision to get adivorce.
There is an article that states that there is not much evidence to support that social networking sites are causing marriages to split. They said that contrary of what is been tough,...
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