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Family communication
Mother: Mili
Father: Salvador
Step Mother: Darynel
Sister 1: Monserrat
Sister 2: Ashley
Narrator: Laura
Sister 1: good morning! I’m going to wake up Ashley, wake up, wakeup!
Sister 2: get out of here.
Sister 1: I’m going to take a shower.
Sister 2: get out of here! mom, mom, Monse I’m in the bathroom.
Mother: so your sister is going to wake you up and you stilltreat her like that?
Sister 2: It’s because she takes a long time in the shower and
I’m going to be late for school meanwhile I’m going to put my clothes in order for school.
Mother: sure darlingFather: girls and we
Sister 1 2: father clear
Narrator: while they are going to school
Sister 1: hey! That’s my scarf Ashley
Sister 2: but you have my scarf too and this is my place
Sister 1:but you are in my place
Sister 2: ooosh, but…but you are… shut up.
Father: girls and we
Sister 1 2: bye, daddy
Father: good bye girls
Narrator: in the office
Father: good morning darynel
Stepmother: good morning Salvador
Step mother: can you bring me yesterday’s repot?
Father: yes, I will bring it in a minute
Step mother: well hurry up handsome
Father: yes madame
Narrator: five minuteslater
Father: here is the report you asked for, sweetheart
Step mother: would you like to have a coffee?
Father: of course I’ll see you at lunch
Step mother: sure darling see you
Father: bye mylove
Narrator: at lunch
Sister 1 2: by phone: hi daddy, how are you? At time are you goingto come home?
Father: well in fact, very late. I have a lot of work, go to bed early
Sister1 2: sure, byetakes care.
Step mother: who was it darling?
Father: my kids.
Step mother: Would you like to go to a more private place?
Father: of course. I know the place let’s go.
Narrator: some hours passedby…
Father: I have to go , see you tomorrow
Step mother: ok see you tomorrow and let’s keep the fun.
Mother: why are you so late today?
Father: just because.
Mother: but you didn’t answer my...
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